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Discover Your Inner Artist: Paint LIKE Josh with These Essential Tools!

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Paint With Josh Brushes

Handcrafted Brushes by Yours Truly - Get them NOW while you can! Limited Run.

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Bob Ross Ross Brush set 

"This Brush set is vital for me painting my masterpieces that i create online!" - Josh Kirkham

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Bob Ross Large Tube Paints

"These paints are perfect for everyday amateur or advanced painter alike - Get the bigger tubes if you are a frequent painter!" - Josh

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Bob Ross Small Tube Paints

"One of these tubes last me about 4-5 paintings, I also need more paints! Great quality!" - Josh

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Bob Ross Palette

"I use this palette however, any 11-15 inch palette would work!" - Josh

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Bob Ross Liquid Clear Multipack

"Absolutely a necessary purchase! The Wet on Wet technique requires this blending medium." - Josh

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Liquitex Black Gesso

"This is vital for the variation of styles I use during my shows. Great for turning a white canvas to a black one. Great for outlining shadow work etc on my bright sky paintings." - Josh

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"Great for use with Gesso. DO NOT USE for OIL PAINTS!" - Josh

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Small TableTop Easel

"Perfect for the everyday or the weekend painter. Easily transport and holds all the paints you will need in its little drawer!" - Josh

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Collapsible H-Frame Easel (Hold 1 or 2 Canvas up to 78")

"Great Easel. I use this Easel every day! Definitely more expensive but is 100% worth it!" - Josh

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Gacdr Fan Brushes

"Great price and a 100% must have! I love these brushes! GACDR for SUCCESS" - Josh

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Filbert Brushes

"AWESOME! These brushes are so versatile. They will improve your skills. Long lasting and made wonderfully!" - Josh

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Fine Liner Script Brushes

"Also great brushes. I mean, i would recommend something that is awful! These are great for tiny detail." - Josh

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Odorless Mineral Spirits

"Odorless is definitely better than Odorfull! Get this if washing your brushes is smelly or difficult!" - Josh

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Trusty Golf Ball - Beat the Brush Bucket Bottomer!

"Makes it easier to clean brushes as well as adds background noise to my shows!" - Josh

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ARTIFY Oil Paint Brush Set - 11 Pieces

"These are a game changer! Great Price and great quality!" - Josh

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