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Paint With Josh 2023 Schedule

Are you wondering where to find my LIVE Painting Shows?

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Join us for some Learning mixed in with a lot of FUN anytime you're watching me!

Schedule Subject to Change due to : Sometimes I have Daddy responsibilities, or I'm just plain old worn out and need a break, but I always try to make it happen for you

Times are shown in Pacific Time Zone (PST). Add 2hrs for Central Time, 3hrs for Eastern Time, 8hrs for UK Time and 17hrs for the Australian fans!

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Essential Supplies List

Watch this video - to see which ones to get and where I get them.

- Canvas -
- Bob Ross Ross brush set -
- Bob Ross paints - Small tubes -
- Bob Ross Liquid White, Liquid Clear, and Liquid Black 3 Pack set -
- GACDR fan brushes -
- Odorless Mineral Spirits (and some THICK plastic cups to hold it in) -
- Trash bags, Trash Can, and Paper towels
- 5 gal bucket from Home Depot or Lowes $2 each.
- ** Affiliate Links included in this text

Optional Items

⁃ ** Liquitex Black Gesso for making white canvases black -
⁃ ** Cheap acrylic brushes for applying black gesso Only. Do not use for oils. You won't be pleased by the results -
⁃ ** Filbert brushes -
⁃ ** Fine detail Script Liner Brushes -
⁃ ** Golf ball basket to put inside -
⁃ ** Affiliate Links included in this text


Out of the "Ether" & onto the Canvas

Most people don't know this... But I make up every single painting straight from my head and onto the canvas for the first time right on video. I think this makes them more impressive than practicing the same painting multiple times before doing a tutorial..." If you never make a mistake, how can you help someone correct one?" - Josh Kirkham

"Failure, Yes Failure Most Of All... The Greatest Teacher Failure Is..."

- Master Yoda

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